"Boys eat bread."

December 21, 2012


"In Spanish, you need a definite article in this case": really? the original sentence is nonsensical, there is no easy way to choose a spanish translation over another. Please try to make your exercises more meaningful :(

December 27, 2012

"Los niños comen pan" is not the same as "boys eat bread." The proper way to say it in English would be "The boys eat bread."

What's proper in English isn't necessarily what's proper in Spanish. It would sound bad to a Spanish speaker if someone said "Niños comen pan." If you want to say the English equivalent of "boys eat bread," in Spanish, you HAVE to say, "Los niños comen pan."

Why does this need a definite article for "the boys" here?

Allways "los niños" ?

what's wrong with having the article here... "el pan" vs "pan" I didn't think there was a difference

i think maybe for el pan it needs to be "boys eat the bread" vs "boys eat bread" i dont get the los ninos for this one though

remember to add the Los

If you're supposed to type 'Los niños' in Spanish, then shouldn't it say 'The boys' in English?

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