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  5. "Biz tavuğu yeriz."

"Biz tavuğu yeriz."

Translation:We eat the chicken.

April 15, 2015



I still don't get this. What's the difference between the ğ at the end and the y from the last lesson (3) ?? Aren't they both accusative ?


So, the work for chicken is "tavuk." When you add the accusative case for nouns that end in consonants -I, there will be a consonant mutation. This means that k-->ğ. You will see the y only on words that end in a vowel.


If I was to say "Biz tavuk yeriz" would that mean "We eat chicken" or is that wrong?


You are correct :) It means "We eat chicken"

[deactivated user]

    Tavuğu sounds like tavoo, should it be pronounced tavoo-oo


    Yed thats soft G n some kinda not pronounced. Like word " tereyağı" which pronounced like tereyaaa


    Why "I drink wine" is marked as mistake and "I drink the wine" as a correct version? It is absolutely impossible to drink "the wine" The same for chicken, yougurt, etc.

    [deactivated user]

      What tense is the wine ?



      Good morning

      "Biz tavuğu yeriz." Translation: We eat the chicken.

      What tense is the wine ?

      What would you recommend with roast chicken? The wine has not been ordered yet?

      Kind regards.

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