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Turkish Tree Finished

Well, I really thought I'd be the first to finish because I had some experience with Turkish already from Memrise. Also, I live in Ankara. The sentence "Ankarada cok kedi var" is not a lie. :D However, I'm just now finishing and still trying to get the whole tree gold.

Before I moved to Turkey, I was living in Beijing and saw that Turkish had been added to the Incubator. I had been debating which country to teach English in next, and this addition sort of sealed the deal for me along with some friends' encouragement to "come visit Anatolian spirit!" I really do not regret it at all. If you're thinking about visiting Turkey, you definitely should, but maybe not Ankara (or maybe just a day or two at most for Anitkabir and Ankara Kalesi). It's easy to fall in love with Turkey because of the people (much closer than in the US), food, history, culture, etc. When you speak Turkish, people absolutely love it. You can see the appreciation in their eyes when you order cig kofte or get Turkish breakfast without any English

The only bad thing about Turkey is that the TV series are terrible. I asked one of my colleagues to recommend a GOOD television series once, and she just said, "No, there's nothing." However, I'm still making myself watch Muhtesem Yuzyil (Magnificent Century) to improve my listening.

Turkish Duolingo has been a great help, and I've learned some things I missed while studying with Memrise and grammar tutorials. Next year I'm moving to Istanbul to teach at Bahcesehrin hazirlik okulu, so I really hope to become fluent during my two years in Turkey. Maybe I'll be able to teach lower level students and use the English for Turkish speakers course with the class component!

Selcen ve Alex, thank you so much for this course, and let me know if you're ever in Ankara this year or Istanbul next school year.

April 15, 2015



You are welcome but you broke my heart because I am from Ankara :D

And... there are better TV shows, they are just not the most popular ones :) We love drama so the most famous ones are always the most dramatic ones. Those dramatic ones are even more popular all over the middle east.

Watch Avrupa Yakası or 1 Kadın 1 Erkek (too many "sexy" jokes, not appropriate for kids) if you want a funny sit-com. Hatırla Sevgili if you want some political history added on a love story. Ezel, especially the 1st reason, is really good actually. As you are an Angaralı now, you might also like to try Behzat Ç :)


lol, I think you actually warned me before I came to Ankara. Something like it's just a concrete jungle. I'll use a phrase I've heard: The best part of Ankara is the road back to Istanbul. Even my students tell me one year in Ankara is enough. :D

Hatirla Sevgili sounds like it would be good, maybe somewhat like House of Cards. I'm watching Muhtesem Yuzyil basically because it's a little like a Turkish Game of Thrones. Plus I enjoy historical fiction.


The best part of Ankara is ODTU, it is a heaven in Gökçekland :)

And try to watch the movie "Aşk tesadüfleri sever" some time :) (It is shot in Ankara, and it is a nice movie)


Afferin! I will be in Ankara in about a week. ;) Also, I love Ankara...do you not like it? It was actually my first place outside of the US (if you don't count Niagara Falls). I am glad that we were able to help, however I am surprised that you don't like Turkish television! I hate almost all television, but sometimes I am know to keep up with Behlül!


Turkish tv is so dramatic, and the episodes are so long. I have to break one episode into two or three sessions. As for Ankara, it's just so full of shopping malls and not much else. The people are great, but there's just not much to do Monday through Thursday except sip coffee and nargile.


That is the joy of it. Ankara is more about forming real relationship and not getting distracted by the other things that Istanbul and Izmir have. And if you think Ankara is boring, come to Zonguldak :D


Tebrik ederim :) Iyi yaptin


I really like Turkish film directors Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Semih Kaplanoğlu. Try to watch their movies instead of TV series.


Your story is awesome traveling and teaching what a great way to create change and learn about other cultures :D

Congrats on the finished tree :)

Are you planning on staying in Turkey or do you see yourself packing your bags to another country and learning another language?


My plan is to live and learn in as many countries as possible. After Turkish, I want to learn Russian or Arabic, so I'll be heading to one of those countries after another year or two in Turkey. Honestly though, I can see myself living in Turkey again in the future.


güzel olmuş ellerine sağlık ☺


Tebrik Ederim! Great job completing your Turkish Tree. Whilst I am new to learning Turkish I am enjoying the challenge. As you indicated, people really appreciate it if you try to speak their language. Also I agree that our moderators deserve much praise for their patience and knowledge, as well as assisting us in our learning.


Congratulations on finishing the tree!

I would like to add that you seem to have the best job in the world and I'm totally jealous right now. :)

About Turkish series, they are... Idiosyncratic? I'm not sure if that's the right word but they are just so different from the ones I usually watch. Even though episodes are way too long (which makes it impossible to watch the whole one at once) and they are so dramatic, it's nice to watch something different once in a while. I'm currently watching Magnificent Century as well, and just a few days ago I've started Ezel, it seems interesting. :)


If you're interested in teaching English abroad, I can give you some advice or help to get started. It's definitely the most rewarding decision I've made.

And yeah, I think they could get each episode down to 40 or 60 minutes if they cut out all the dramatic staring.


I don't think I'd be capable of teaching anyone right now, since I'm still learning myself. (I should probably get some certificates as well to be able to do that.) But I'd love to give it a try one day. Maybe in a year or two. :)


Congratulations :) Although I have to say my grandmother loves Magnificent Century so it certainly does have its happy viewers :D


Oh, I enjoy it too, but much of that enjoyment comes from the overly dramatic acting and staring. lol


I just took the Turkish quiz, and it gave me 4.36/5, which I find hard to believe, actually. It didn't test me on the -dik skill at all though.

I'm curious if you're still making improvements to the Turkish quiz.


No idea, I think the quiz algorithm is not course specific. -dik skill is quite short so it might be omitted somehow.

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