No "tu" in Brazil?

My Brazilian friends said that they only really use "voce." Has anyone else heard that?

December 21, 2012


yes... but it depends on the region. In São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro areas we don't use "tu", just "você". But if you go to Santos, a city in São Paulo, you always listen to "tu" but the verb is conjugated in the third singular person ("ele", "ela", "você") but it is gramatically incorrect. But if you go to the south region in Brazil you'll listen to people saying "tu" and the verb conjugated in the correct person (second singular person)!! But, if you use "você" wherever you are, everybody will understand you perfectly (cause it's more commom), more than using "tu"

December 21, 2012


But it's not just about the 'tu'. There's the 'te' like in 'eu te amo': it's as common as 'eu amo você'. 'eu te empresto', 'eu te digo', and so on.

February 6, 2013

They also use "tu" more often than "você" in the North of Brazil, and conjugate it correctly. At least in Pará they do.

September 23, 2013

I know is totally off topic. But the same happens with Spanish all over South America! Most use "tú" with its proper conjugation, in some regions we use "vos" with its proper conjugation, and some use "tú" or "vos" with the opposite conjugation.

March 10, 2018

Here in Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul many people conjugate wrong too (using tu but 3rd person)

December 17, 2013

it is good to cover both since you never know when you might see or hear it.

January 19, 2013

yep... but if u dont remember how to conjugate the verb, you use você, because the conjugation is in. the third singular form. a tip: if u dont remember how to conjugate on the first plural form (nós) use "a gente" that is also conjugate in the third sing form (like "on" in french)... and unfortunately many ppl use nos but conjugate as "a gente"... but thats reallllyyyyyy baddd!!!

January 19, 2013

That's not true. It's more popular in the southern region. Just asked my friends who are all Brazilian.

November 24, 2013

When I took brazilian portuguese in college, we didn't even bother learning about "tu" or conjugating verbs in "tu".

January 18, 2013

Yeah... just dont worry learning tu... thats used just in some regions... :)

January 18, 2013

I have worked with many Brazilians, and I have never heard them use the "tu" form. "A gente" is very common, as well as "voce", but never "tu." I know that they use "tu" in select areas, but I don't think it should be part of these lessons - it should be an optional lesson.

January 7, 2014

I think the place where "tu" is more common is in Portugal, as a matter of fact; I think it gives more formality while talking.

January 12, 2014

Yes and No. It is used, but it's informal. There are 3 levels of formality in Portugal:

  • tu és (and sometimes vós sois)
  • você é + vocês são
  • o senhor/a senhora + os senhores/as senhoras
August 15, 2015

In fact, "você" ( vossa mercê-> vossumcê-> você-> (cê?)) is the formal pronoun and "tu" is the informal pronoun. Just as, in theory, vós is the informal pronoun and vocês is its formal counterpart - although it seems very strange (vós sois).

December 17, 2015
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