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"There are a great many windmills in Denmark."

Translation:Der er rigtigt mange vindmøller i Danmark.

April 15, 2015



Could this also be "Der er en stor mange vindmøller i Danmark"? If not, is there an explanation as to why not? Or is it just one of those "we would never say it that way" kind of things?


I think here the English phrase 'a great many' is the atypical one. Usually you would have an adverb indicating the degree of the adjective/adverb that follows (many). E.g. 'very many windmills' or 'quite many windmills'. It is like this in Danish. There are other adverbs you can use as well, e.g. 'vældigt', 'enormt', 'virkeligt'


Ah, I see. Thanks for answering so quickly. Have a lingot in gratitude. :-)


Hvorfor er "Der er rigtig mange vindmøller i Danmark" ikke accepteret? Dvs. rigtig uden t.


I am not a native speaker of English, but "a great many" sounds really odd.


As an native English speaker, a great many is perfectly correct. I can see how it might sound a bit odd to non native speakers though :)


wrong hints for ''a great many''.

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