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Losing Motivation

I was very, very into speaking fluent Spanish when I first joined DL. I came back from Spain, fresh and ready to learn Spanish so that I could understand everything the next time I was there, and cracked down on the studies. I spent nearly two hours the first day on DL practicing, and I religiously studied every single day for nearly two weeks. However, I got busy and school began again, so Spanish began to loose importance in my mind. Now, I'm coming back to this because I need it. I will be an exchange student in a Spanish speaking country (if all goes well) in one year. I need to crack down and study. I just wanted to tell you all that DON'T LOOSE YOUR MOTIVATION. YOU WILL REGRET IT!! Your language may not seem important now, but trust me, it will be later. :)

September 12, 2013



And, taking time off from Duolingo can make it quite challenging when you restart. Some decide to start from scratch. I took 2 months off, and I just patiently went back and reviewed old lessons until finally I caught back up.

It sounds like you're working hard to give yourself opportunities to learn. Awesome.


I restarted in a similar way you did. Luckily, I remember most of the work, but I still felt the need to refresh. Thank you! Good luck with your Spanish as well (and your German!) :D


One of the very best ways of preventing loss of motivation is a habit formation. If you're doing something very consciously for some time, you'll gradually get used to it and then can't live without it anymore. Here's some very useful audio lecture by a guy who learned a couple of dozen languages . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY3iRItq7xM


I go on a youth group missions trip to Mexico each year, and i am about 50/50 fluency, and my youth leader's wife is Mexican, so i thought it would be good to learn Spanish. It was a GREAT idea to learn the language


I imagine it was a good idea! Wow you've been to Mexico... So lucky! I'm glad you speak Spanish so well :D


!Gracias mi amigo/amiga!


¡Ningun problema, mi amigo! (No problem, my friend!)


Kinda the same thing for me. I had a 16-year-old from Spain (I'm 15) staying at my house for three weeks and started duolingo again when he came. Now I'm hoping I can go to Spain next summer too!


I hope you can go to Spain! It's a wonderful country! Restarting is a little difficult, because I keep leveling up (they need to fix this, no?) when I'm just practicing level one... But I am getting there. Good luck to you, mi amigo!


Was in the exact same position last year but I was using Rosetta Stone instead. Really wish I kept at it, as i'll be studying abroad in Argentina next year! Hopefully it's not too late and i'll be on the ball by then! Buena Suerte!


I may end up in Argentina as well! I'm part Argentine, but I don't speak Spanish fluently :( I wish you all the best! Have fun! :)

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