"Benden nefret etmemelisin, ben iyi bir insanım."

Translation:You should not hate me, I am a good person.

April 15, 2015

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What if I wanted to say "you don't have to hate me"? I am confused on why I got this wrong :)

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    "Benden nefret etmek zorunda değilsin''


    Thank you for the answer... can you help me with another thing? What is the difference between that and the Turkish one in this exercise? (Portuguese native here)

    I can't see why Duo got me wrong asking for "you have to not hate me" as an answer... :(

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      ''You have to not hate me'' is wrong English.You should say ''You do not have to hate me''.this is the correct word order.

      The difference between the two is....

      ''Benden nefret etmemelisin'' - ''You should not hate me''.....This one is telling you what you should or should not do,it's like an advice.

      ''Benden nefret etmek zorunda değilsin'' - You do not have to hate me''.....Now this one has a completely different meaning,this sentence is talking about a necessity,,t simply says what is necessary or not,but there is no advice in here.

      Have to is stronger; it's used in orders. Should is weaker; it's used in advice


      I see..... the "wrong english" one I wrote above strangely appeared as a correct answer to me.... :o

      Now I think I understood the stuff.... Thank you for your time, have some lingots :))


      Oh.... I had this doubt before the one in the other question AHAHAHAHAHA I'll look up this link.... thank you very much ;)

      5 lingots for you too =]


      If you'll allow me to correct a typical mistake made by us native Portuguese speakers :-) People do not "have doubts" (ter dúvidas) in English. They "have questions".


      I'm so glad they accept "You mustn't hate me". I thought it would be wrong.

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        "You don't have to hate me I am a good person" neden kabul degil?Can you explain please?


        Read the comments above. But it is like etmemelisin is more of an order than a request. So it is should not rather don't have to

        [deactivated user]

          OK!Thank you.


          You shouldn't hate me, 'im a good person. Can you please accept this answer


          The answer was written, I mean the words are all arranged in place! Why ? I have nothing to do with this question!

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