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"My phone makes a different sound today."

Translation:Min telefon siger en anderledes lyd i dag.

April 15, 2015



Is it normal to use "at sige" for general sounds like this? Or is this a specific case?


That is normal. 'at sige' can mean both 'to say' (also animals) and 'to make a sound'

'to make (a) noise' is 'at larme' or 'at støje'

'at tale' and 'at snakke' mean 'to talk/speak' and are reserved to humans only


In English, we use the word "say" when asking "What does it say?" though Danes would ask "Hvad står der?" It is my understanding that written texts that "say" something in English are said to "stand" in Danish, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.


So could we also use "gøre en lyd" or "laver en lyd" to say this or not?


'laver en anderledes lyd' was also correct according to Duo....

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