"Ett ord"

Translation:A word

April 15, 2015



fågel fågel fågel, fågeln är ordet....


Brilliant! It's just 'word' without the 'w'! :D


If I wanted to know how to say something in Swedish, would I say "Vad är ordet för X i svenska?"


Almost, "... på svenska". Another common way to ask is "Hur säger man X på svenska?" (how do you say...)


The way she pronounces "or"d sounds like "ood" which makes me think of Dr. Who. Is the "r" silent or is it another glitch in the voice? (I can't hear the difference between n and m among other sound issues I have with the voice.)


R and D melt together into a retroflex sound. This happens when the Standard Swedish R is followed by D, T, L, N or S, creating different retroflex consonants respectively, so there are five of them. (Some dialects and some individual speakers have different R:s, and in some cases the R:s are dropped altogether).

This specific one has the IPA sign [ɖ], more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiced_retroflex_stop

More about Swedish retroflex consonants in Swedish wikipedia: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retroflex_konsonant


Jag vill ha ett ord med dig.

Does it translate?


The best translation of ha ett ord in English is "have a say" rather than "talk to."


OK, thanks. So it seems the phrase means about the same thing in English in an instance when the conversation might not be very delightful. :)

If one is going to 'have a word'/'have a say' (with someone), it might be some harsh words for the other person, if that's what you're suggesting.


No, that's not really what I meant. It means "have a say" as in being able to express your opinions in a discussion (as in "have a say in the matter") :)


Ah, thanks for the clarification. That's useful. How then would you say, 'I want to have a say in/a word on the matter'? Jag vill ha ett ord ... ?

You may have a lingot. :)


You could say Jag vill ha ett ord med i laget.


Out of curiosity... How would one say 'May I have a word, please?' Like a teacher might do when scolding an errant student


The most common expression would probably be Kan jag få prata lite med dig? literally "Can I get to speak a little with you".

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