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  5. "I am almost as new."

"I am almost as new."

Translation:Ich bin wie erneut.

December 21, 2012



it is very difficult to know which kind of answers are good and which are not. The hint for erneut are renewed, new again, etc. But the translation of Ich bin wie erneut in another question is I am like new. Here the translation is I am almost as new. Shouldn't it be Ich bin fast erneut


Fast erneut is now accepted


would help if erneut would be in the dropdown for new, only saw it once before couldnt remember it just yet


accepted: "Ich bin fast wie neu"


Saying "I am almost as new" in English implies comparison (I am almost as new as you in this forum). "Ich bin wie erneut" should be "I feel renewed". You would not say "I am almost as new" to express that you feel renewed.


I don't understand the meaning of this sentence (english or german)?


As rodrigocameron has pointed out, this English sentence indeed suggests a comparison. "I am almost as new..." and then you are tempted to continue with "...as you.", for instance. I would translate this into German as: Ich bin fast so neu... wie du. The intended meaning is very odd.

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