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  5. "I love fashion and history."

"I love fashion and history."

Translation:Is aoibhinn liom faisean agus stair.

April 16, 2015



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Is aoibhinn liom faisean agus an stair marked wrong. I thought stair was one of those nouns that takes (can take) the definite article...like an dĂșlra?


It's not specific nouns, it's classes of nouns - if you used a definite article with stair in this case, you'd use it with faisean too.


Thanks. I understand your point about the consistent use within a sentence. What defines the class of nouns that take the definite article? Does this class have a grammatical name for my reference? Grma.


The definition of an in the FGB includes "5. (With abstract nouns, in general reference)", and gives the examples of an ceol for "music" and an t-ocras for "hunger", etc. Languages and Educational subjects also take a definite article when used in this way (when they are used "in a general reference"), which is where you got your an stair from, but if you are treating stair as a general topic/subject in this exercise, then "fashion" would aso be a general topic/subject, and therefore be subject to the same rule. So the "class" doesn't have a grammatical name, as such, it's just a group of simiilar things that are subject to a specific rule.

Because this is an aspect where Irish and English differ, and the "rule" isn't always easy to apply (how do you tell whether any specific example is "a general reference" or not?) you will find examples where an is used, and other examples where it isn't, but within any give example, it should be used consistently.

I honestly don't know whether stair or an stair is better in this case.


Very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to explain!

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