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"Ich dachte, wir könnten ein bisschen reden."

Translation:I thought, we could talk a little.

September 12, 2013



I don't understand the word order. Which one is the primary clause? Both have verbs in the second position


Neither of the phrases is a dependent clause, so they both have the verb-second order. "I thought" and "We could talk a little" are both independent clauses. The verb gets moved to the end in a dependent clause.


Okay, so I understand that the word order changes if you have the subordinating conjunction dass, but why is allowed to be dropped? Is dropping "dass" purely colloquial and not technically "good" German?


"I think we could talk a bit" should definitely be accepted.


Wouldn't "I thought, we could speak a little" make sense as well? Considering "die Rede" is speech.


It sounds natural and makes sense to me. I wouldn't put the comma after "thought" in English (if spoken with a pause there it sounds odd). Just "I thought we could speak a little" looks more natural to me, but that translation is perfectly normal English to my ears (I am an American English native speaker).


You're right. It is correct English except for the comma which definitely is not.


Yes I used the same and got it wrong. English is not my first language, maybe it is just weird/ bad English?


can i use 'reden' and 'sprechen' interchangeably ?


I think so, but I get the feeling that "sprechen" is more formal. I have heard "reden" more often in regular conversations.


Reden means talk, sprechen means speak. They don't have exactly have the same meaning. You can certainly say you speak with someone, but talk is more suitable. You would use sprechen...when you say you speak a language, mostly. I think..maybe a native could clarify this more.


You don't need the "dass", as in "Ich dachte, dass wir konnten ein bisschen reden."???


that's not a german sentence, i'm afraid...


So is "Ich dachte, dass wir ein bisschen reden könnten."?


Is the comma necessary?


I put 'i thought we could talk a bit' and it was marked wrong. As a native English speaker I'd definitely say 'a bit' as well as 'a little'

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