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Why translating articles already translated?

I would like to know if the "Inmersion" section is just for excersise or actualy ends up suppling those pages with new translations.

I´ve encounter with Wikipedi articles that are already translated in various languages including the one I´m supposed to help (or practice) with.

Example: http://www.duolingo.com/translation/4a77505f48bcdf0ed748829f9e175844

Wikipedia Saxophone

September 12, 2013



The unofficial truth: its excercise.


Quoting mstreeter (http://www.duolingo.com/mstreeter) "we plan to publish the translations to the target-language Wikipedias, but aren't doing so currently. You're welcome to do it yourself in the meantime."

So it'll eventually mean something to finish a Wikipedia article or submit one and finish it.


On quick inspection, the English and French Wikipedia articles seem different.


Hear hear. There are German Wikipedia articles that I've seen run through at least three times - Adolf von Nassau is one of them; I worked on it more than a year ago and now it's back. Why?

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