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No longer getting lingots for 10n-day streak?

Previously for every 10 days I got one lingot for every ten days I had a streak going, but I just hit my 60-day streak and didn't get six lingots. Also noticed in the lingot store that it doesn't list the streak bonus anymore... but I haven't been able to find any mention on the forums of this change, and the wiki doesn't reflect it. Has this bonus been intentionally removed? If not, what could be going on?

(Firefox 37, Windows 7, in case anyone wants to know.)

April 16, 2015



Changes, although no specific ones, were recently mentioned regarding an attempt to control lingot inflation. This is probably one of those changes.


I think the change is okay. But it should still be there for new user. New user have just a few lingots, and they are happy to get a few very 10 days. I don't mind this change I still have 1375 lingots.. .^^


I reached my 240 streak today (er, technically yesterday) and got 24 lingots. (I didn't get a big notification on iOS, but there's a bell-style notification on the website.) Perhaps it's an a/b test, or perhaps something else is going on for you.


My lingot store still does mention the '10 day streak' way of getting lingots. I'll have to wait 3 more days to be sure if i'll get them. If that is the case, then this does look like an A/B test.


It is a new A/B test. I had it happen to me yesterday (80 day streak). I searched & didn't see anyone else with the same problem, so I posted. Some kind soul gave me 8 lingots & pointed me to your post ... and thus to the thread with the info in it. Keep up the good work & don't let it get you down that you didn't get lingots for continuing your streak. Bon courage!


Seems this is happening to more and more people. If the rules have changed, at least let us know. Also, as petty as it may appear, many of us are sticking to Duolingo because of the Lingot-driven motivation (someone could probably to some interesting psych papers just on this topic!)


Interesting. I just reached 420 days today, and didn't get any bonus lingots, either. This is the first time I haven't gotten a lingot for every ten days of the streak . I couldn't any mention of it either, except here.


Thanks for the kind lingot donations. :) Pardon my noobishness, but what is the "A/B test" to which so many have referred?


As someone with a 480 day streak, I'm disappointed ;)


I completed 40 day streak, but I didn't receive my lingots bonus :-(


Hit 180 day streak...no 18 lingots. :-(


The same thing happened to me--I haven't gotten my 30-day streak bonus or my 40-day one :/


Me either! I hit a 60, 70 and then 80 day streak (today) and did not receive the 10 day streak bonus. I last received it at 50. Oh well!


I didn't receive 24 for my 240 day streak, but almost immediately it became a 241 day streak!


DHausman in https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25530437$comment_id=26260025

> I reported this to Duolingo. The answer isn't good news, "I am sorry for the new update, after a couple of months of A/B testing, we have stopped giving lingot rewards to Android users."

> I presume the same fate awaits iOS and Windows users.

Every tenth day, do your first practice in the browser of your phone instead of the App.
Duolingo needs the most recent version of a modern browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox.

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