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First Lesson (test). : Afrikaans articles

Articles in Afrikaans are very easy and the rules regarding them are too.

(1). The = Die. Example: Die kar is rooi. Translation: The car is red.

Pronunciation : It sounds exactly like the German "Die"

Rules are the same as in English.

(2). A or An = 'n. Example: 'n Kar is rooi. Translation: A car is red

Pronunciation : It sounds like the first sound in the word |hin|der | 'n |

Rules for the article " 'n ".

this article is always a lowercase letter and it always has an apostrophe before the letter itself. The word following it is always a uppercase letter (but only if " 'n " is the first word of a sentence.).

That's all for now.

To see second lesson, go to : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8140264

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April 16, 2015



Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa right?


Is 'n lowercase even if writing all caps? I mean would you write 'n KAR IS ROOI or 'N KAR IS ROOI? Thanks in advance


Yes, It would be written in lowercase under all circumstances, And the Following word is uppercase only if the " 'n " was the first word in a sentence. But if you are describing something with quotation marks or parenthesis, Then the first word after the parenthesis or quotation marks is uppercase. {'n (baie groot) Kar is rooi} "baie groot" = "very big"/"large" (but I would like to point out that " 'n kar is rooi." implies that all cars are red, or that a car has to be red in order to be a car.

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