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"Discuss sentence" not opening.

I just did lesson 2 in French Cmp Past and "discuss sentence" ceased working about half way through. Since "Support" seems to have vanished I have no idea where I should report this. Any suggestions?

April 16, 2015



If you want to use the support option, click on Help (towards the bottom of the screen) and then Contact Us. But first, you can try a few things at your end and see if the issue persists.

  1. Check there is no issue with internet connection.
  2. Log out from Duolingo.
  3. Clear browser cache and cookies.
  4. Log in and do a lesson. Check if the sentence discussion works as expected.


This has just started happening to me too, so I would guess it's something going on with Duo rather than something on your end. I hope they fix it soon--I didn't realize how often I clicked on "Discuss sentence" until it didn't work anymore!


Sounds like it might be Duolingo, then. Thanks.

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