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Does anyone else find the "type what you hear" questions extremely challenging? I feel as though I still get them wrong nearly two thirds of the time. Irish spelling seems incredibly counter-intuitive to me. I think it would help if, like other courses, there was the option to hear the audio slower (I understand that this would be extremely difficult and time consuming to program). This has been a source of frustration for months. I'm just wondering if anyone else has the same problem.

April 16, 2015

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Indeed it is. I had your very problem at first, as Irish pronounciation and spelling don't quite fit each other: too many h's (think of words like comhghairdeas or féin-comhfhiosach!), too many skipped letters, too many vowels and not a hint about which one to choose... It can be frustrating, I know. But: just be patient and you'll see that, sooner or later, (almost) everything will make sense. To be honest, Irish spelling - while being hard - is much more phonetical than the English one.

Irish writing makes perfect sense if you don't try to compare it to English orthography. If you learn the Irish rules, you'll see it's quite regular, and you can pronounce words like comhghairdeas just from reading.
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Being Italian, my judgement is biased in the other direction :)

Don't trust anything this speaker says. She's clearly not a native speaker anyways.

Yes, I do find those challenging, but that is how it will be in the real world, so I keep practicing. I think if you go to settings, you can turn that feature off.

As far as I know the new Irish tree will include completely new audio, some people aren't happy with the quality of the current one. It's unclear when that new tree will actually be released however.

I get them wrong most of the time. When I get one right, though, I am very proud of myself. I feel I have really learned it then.
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I've seen this video linked in the Irish learners Facebook group, and it's helped me figure out how the spelling sounds to a large extent.

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