"Como você sabe."

Translation:As you know.

September 12, 2013



If I add a "?" at the end, would it change this to "How do you know?" or do I need another "do" word?

January 28, 2014


ya it would change to how do you know

February 21, 2014


How would you distinguish the meaning in speech?

April 8, 2015


By the inflection. Maybe not with the duobot but when languages are spoken you can usually tell its a question by the way it sounds.

April 9, 2015


Deveria aceitar " how do you know" eu sou nativo e respondi assim..

March 16, 2016


How do you know é uma pergunta: How do you know it?

As you know é igual quando falamos: Então, como você já sabe...

April 11, 2016


Not really. If you add the "?", then it would only mean "as you know?"

The idea of usig "como você sabe..." is to begin a sentence remarking that the person you are talking to already knows what you are about to say after that. Ex.: Como você sabe, eu falo português e inglês. (As you know, I speak Portuguese and English.)

April 2, 2018


I wrote "Like you know" and got it wrong :( Not even sure if I should report it as an alternate answer though.

April 8, 2014


It's much more complicated than this, but generally you use like if it's followed by a noun or noun phrase (she kicks like a man) and as when it's followed by a verb or verb phrase (do as I do)..

March 18, 2015


Just my two cents: when I hear someone say, "like you know" it's generally derogatory to the person being addressed. Ex.: "I would do it like this." "Like you know!"

July 1, 2014


The sentences are identical, at least in British English. Report it.

June 13, 2014


Could this also mean 'how do you know?'

August 1, 2014


No, it isn't a question.

August 12, 2014


I wrote, "Como vocês sabe" and it marked it wrong, saying it was "Como você sabe". These both sound identical so I know the difference between você and vocês but why wouldn't it accept both answers just for this question?

May 31, 2017


The plural version is "Como vocês sabem?", so that's how you see this is a plural sentence.

May 31, 2017


How do you say: 'Like you know'?

October 24, 2017


What do you mean by that? As in "I know like (in the same way) you know"? Although it sounds weird in English, in Portuguese it would be "como vocé sabe" too since "como" means "as", "like" and "how".

Source: http://www.wordreference.com/pten/como

April 2, 2018


A polite way to begin a sentence, and maybe even a conversation: "Como você sabe, ..."

April 2, 2018
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