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Days of the week in Spanish

Monday: lunes

Tuesday: martes

Wednesday: miércoles

Thursday: jueves

Friday: viernes

Saturday: sábado

Sunday: domingo

May 13, 2012



In high school, I learned the days of the week to the tune of the Addams Family song. Great concept, really helped a lot, but was soooooooo hard to try to get unstuck from your head


can you teach me the song?


If you've ever watched the Addams family, the theme song to that show you can sing the days to, "es lunes, es martes, es miercoles, es jueves, es Viernes es sabado y luego es domingo days of the week" then do the little snap thing after it.


Cool. I couldn't get the words you quoted to fit the tune, so I looked it up on YouTube. Here's a version that probably fits the phrasing you describe, though he uses English words to string the days together ("and there's," "and then"). https://youtu.be/ZJURmxbRwz4?t=26

Another version that uses all Spanish, but with slightly different phrasing. I like it better except for how she breaks the rhythm of the song on "semana": https://youtu.be/HOTR5OF2A4Y?t=115

Both of those started with lunes, which is considered the first day of the week in Spain. There's another version with domingo first.


Thanks! There are some word clusters that are easier to learn as clusters: days of the week, months of the year, etc.


It is good to take some the lessons twice if not all days or months were included. The lessons change every time so you will learn them all plus other new words.


Monday es lunes. Thanks! That doesn't seem to be in the lessons. Also, there are mistakes on duolingo, like referring to some nouns as singular when they're plural and vice versa. There should be a dispute menu so beta users can submit corrections, and vote for or against the corrections.


"Correctness" should not be put up to a vote among learners of a new, to them, language. Just sayin'


Monday was in my lesson. They probably don't include every day in everybody's lesson.


Here's a bit of mnemonic for Monday:

Monday... think "moon" En español, think "lunes", similar luna, the Moon!

Lunar eclipse, moon eclipse, lunes, day of moon!


Week days come from Roman Mithology and can help you remember them or at least learn other words. Lunes - Luna (Moon) Martes - Marte (Mars) Miercoles - Mercurio (Mercury) Jueves - Jupiter (Jupiter) Viernes - Venus (Venus)

Saturday and Sunday have different roots, but if you are interested: Domingo - (Lord's Day -From latin) Sabado- (Sabbath -Hebrew)


Yeah, I had suspected that when I had first learned lunes is Monday, and found a great article which gives more insight and detail on about.com: http://spanish.about.com/od/historyofspanish/a/names_of_days.htm

It's also interesting that English weekday names were also originated from Roman Gods, but many of theme substituted for Norse Gods which had similar traits. That's why Thor, God of Lightning, is used instead of Jupiter, who was the Roman God of lightning. Thursday is therefore Thor's day. English also keeps Saturday as "Saturns Day" and Sunday as "Day of the Sun."

Dan O.


New moon the twilight movie I saw stickers in Spain when this came out luna nueva - I won't forget it!


it even works in English "moonday" Monday!

Very nice tip!


Thanks for the mnemonic...


Lunes, martes, miercoles, jueves, viernes, sabado, domingo.




Thank you. I just wish for a couple things (this, numbers) there were some more straight forward style lessons.


gracias, estas muy bien


We all know what are the days of the week in Spanish, it's important to learn it's pronunciation and also the Abbreviations. https://linguapsych.com/spanish-days-of-the-week/ Duolingo does great job in teaching you the correct vocabulary, if you want full guide, check out the link above

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