The Duollingo iPhone app seems to not work with the IOS 7 GM (just released).

September 12, 2013


Just got an iPhone 7, upgraded from 4 and updated Duolingo--but not working! Please advise!

Duolingo isn't working on the iphone 7 Plus. It flashes up, but you can't open it. It's fine on the laptop, ipad and my old phone. Any thoughts on this?


sorry I don't have any answer but here (in the general discussion section, called Duolingo or General) your post will be quickly lost in the enormous amount of posts so, to have more answers/explanations to your feedback (or in your case to be sure that Duolingo's team will see it), it would have been better to post it in the Troubleshooting Discussion.
When you create a new discussion, there is a drop-down menu on the top, change from the default value "Duolingo" (which corresponds to this general discussion page) for the specific one (Troubleshooting, in your case). But you can change it now, it's not too late : edit your original post then select the Troubleshooting forum.

Or you can maybe report it directly to Duolingo through the "Support" button.


He is right Doulingo over iphone with the GM (iPhone3,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw ) does not work.

I had try to uninstall and install again but still not work. It closes always before load/display the user data.

With the last update of yesterday, the Duolingo works with iOS 7 :)

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