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Day streak and multiple languages

I'm proudly learning or relearning all the languages on Duolingo. My problem is there is no simple way of making sure whether I have studied a certain language today or not. I would like to know whether I have practiced all my languages today to make sure the day streaks for none of the languages will reset. Could you add some option that will help me with that?

September 12, 2013



The daily reminder email doesn't do it?


I don't want five emails in my mailbox everyday. You know it becomes kind of annoying.


If you click/hover over the panel with your overall streak on it it will show you the individual streaks of each of your languages. Hope this helps!


Mmm.. I don't see it... where is it? On the website your speaking?


I know but it doesn't tell me whether I have practiced a certain language today or not. Ok let's give an example. I go to my profile page and hover over the overall streak and it says

11 Spanish 9 Portuguese 2 French 2 Italian 1 German

Now I want to know whether I did Portuguese today (it was 8 and became 9) or should I practice to make that 9 become 10.


As for the website, you can check back on your daily skill points via the "Weekly progress" tab on the far right of each skill tree. The Android version seems to (still?) lack this feature and I have no idea about the iOS version.

Since managing so many streaks can easily become confusing, you should set a fixed order for your languages and do a short round of Timed Practice right after the login. Like this you make sure that all your streaks are updated before focussing on a particular language or getting lost in the Immersion or Discussion section.

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