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Second Lesson : Afrikaans nouns.

Afrikaans word pronunciation can be quite difficult.

I will be comparing pronunciations with German and English ones.

Because all Afrikaans nouns have the same article, I will only be writing the noun itself.

(1). Man = Man Example : Daai/Daardie is 'n man.

<pre> Translation : That is a man. Pronunciation : Exactly the same as the German "Mann". </pre>

(2). Woman = Vrou Example : Daai/Daardie is 'n vrou.

<pre> Translation : That is a woman. Pronunciation : like the "Fro" in Froyo. </pre>

(3).Boy = Seun Example : Daai/Daardie is 'n seun.

<pre> Translation : That is a boy. Pronunciation : Say this word in English "see Hin". </pre>

Please remember that because this word also means "Son" it can be confusing, It is more common to say "seuntjie" which can only mean boy.

(4). Girl = Meisie Example : Dit is 'n meisie.

<pre> Translation : This/It is a girl. Pronunciation : Say in English "May See". </pre>

(4). House = Huis Example : Daar is 'n huis.

<pre> Translation : There is a house. Pronunciation: Say " Hays " like Lays Chips. </pre>

(5). Car = Kar Example : Daar ry 'n kar.

<pre> Translation : There drives a car. Pronunciation : Kar in Karma. </pre>

That's it for now.

Because listening to German speech before I started Duolingo, helped me to get my pronunciation right, I would advise you to search in youtube for "Afrikaans is groot".

To see First lesson, go to : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8135345

To see Third lesson, go to: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8148065

April 16, 2015


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