"Qual é o seu nome?"

Translation:What is your name?

September 12, 2013

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What is YOUR name? Qual é o SEU nome?

your = seu.

What is his name? Qual o nome dele?

His = dele.

What is her name? Qual o nome dela?

Her = dela.


"Seu" can also be "his", "her/hers" and even "their/theirs".

"Teu" is only "your/yours".

[deactivated user]

    why qual and not que?


    Can't you also use "qué" instead of "qual"?


    No. It isn't correct.


    This can mean "What is your name?", "What is his name?", or "What is her name?" I put the latter, but it was marked incorrect.


    Report it. It shouldn't be wrong. It's the formal way to say his/her.

    [deactivated user]

      "Qual é o seu nome?" meaning "What is his/her name?" is not more formal than "Qual é o nome dele/dela", it is just uncommon.


      would you be able to say, "Qual e o teu nome?"


      Yes, that's perfectly acceptable. However, in Portugal we prefer the expression "Como é que te chamas?" (lit: how do you call yourself)


      Podria ser tambem "como te chamas?" o no?


      Yes, but it's not very common in Brazilian Portuguese.

      [deactivated user]

        In portugal, if I don't know the person, should I use "Como é que se chama" instead of the "te chamas"?


        is "qual e seu nome? " acceptable? i don't care if it's understood by the contexts. i mean, is it correct?


        Can I say; Como é seu nome?


        That would be more like "How is your name?". It doesn't make sense in any of the languages.


        In portuguese, yes, you can.

        [deactivated user]

          Yes, it is more informal but there is no problem in saying it.


          They always put a weird emphasis on the "l" sound that I still do not get it.


          When an "L" is at the end of a word it is pronounced like a "W" in English. For example: "Brasil" sounds like /Bra-ziw/ and "Qual" sounds like /kwaw/

          Does that make sense?


          Is that true in brazil and portugual or just one or the other?


          what is your name? qual é o seu nome? qual seu nome? qual é seu nome? como você se chama? você se chama?


          The last one is wrong. It would be correct if you suggest what is that person's name. Like "Você se chama Jonas?" and the person will say "Yes, my name is Jonas"/" Sim, meu nome é Jonas" or "No, my name is Pedro"/" Não, meu nome é Pedro".


          Pedro is just an example of a popular name in Brazil.


          oh thanks, I will remember it/ eu vou me lembrar disso

          [deactivated user]

            Not exactly, because you can put an entonation on "chama" to ask again the name of someone that you forgot, or when you say that expecting the person will complete the phrase with his name. The equivalent for this in English would be "Your name is...?" and instead of "Você se chama...?" you can say "Seu nome/Você é...? " too, that has the exactly same meaning.

            P.S.: Peter = Pedro = Pietro = Pierre


            Why do you need the possesive word 'seu' in addition to the article 'o'? Obrigado


            I understand the use of the possessive 'seu" but do NOT understand the need for the article "o".

            [deactivated user]

              Is the é optional in "Qual é o SEU nome?"


              Yes, but it is better to include it since it is a bit weird a sentence without a verb.


              Why not "What's their name?"

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