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The Duolingo Android app now has speaking exercises!

"Who cares if we look crazy speaking to our phones in different languages!"


-Duolingo's Facebook page

September 12, 2013



I did some exercises and I like it. I failed me once and I did make a big mistake then. Speaking aloud helps me understand better.


I think duolingo doesn't recognize the sound well either on the web or on the Android app. Is that will be improved or it just encourages us to speak out loud despite the recognizing?


Actually it doesn't recognize speech at all. Test it by yourself - when you have speaking excercise, make long sound like "eeeeeeee" in an intonation of the sentence. It's marked as correct more often then when you actually read the sentence.


Yeah, sometimes (on my iPhone) I just say the first word of the sentence wrong and stop so I can try again, and it passes me. I do think it works a bit better on the computer though.


I updated my app and tried this yesterday evening. It works great! I only had to repeat myself once, unlike my PC, where it seems half the time I end up disabling the microphone out of frustration. Even if there is no real speech recognition, I do think it's good practice to speak the language aloud.

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