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Practice specific words or phrases?

Is there a way to practice specific words or phrases to strengthen them. I have a very long list of words I've learned and some of them are now "weak" but I can't figure out how to practice them to strengthen them again. I've done the practices but those particular words don't come up and those sections still say they're strong as a whole. I'm new to the site, so maybe there's something obvious I'm missing?

April 16, 2015



I'll second that! I'm new here too, and while it's been a great experience thus far, I find that there's a lot of repeats with certain words, and some have not appeared since my first day of use. It would be great if there was an option to select from our list of words we have learned to allow them to continue to pop up in lessons until it returns to full strength. Or be able to select specific words to appear in flashcards. It's hard to strengthen the weakened words when the lesson they were first introduced in, or any lesson, does not keep using them. Maybe there should be a "Practice weak words" option that allows you to practice words that have lost their full strength.


I'm with you on this. When I do general revision, I find I keep being hit with sentences that I always get right first time, while the ones that I obviously struggle with seem to come up less frequently.

I know DL has its reasons, but I don't understand the logic in repeatedly testing me on skills I've shown I understand, rather than the ones I need to work more on.

It'd be good to have a degree of control over the process. The way it works at the moment feels a bit patrician. I'd like to be able to decide for myself what I am or am not comfortable with and spend more of my time actively targeting the skills where I'm lacking. Joylessly ploughing through the basic lessons just to make them gold again doesn't feel like the best use of my time and energy.

Maybe an option to turn off revision on individual lessons would be useful.


Here are my steps to recreate the problem of not being able to strengthen words:

1.) Go to "Words" in the blue bar on top 2.) Select Strength and click it so your weakest are on top 3.) Click on strength or last practice (sometimes the result differs) 4.) Select the top word (this should show the word to the right 5.) Click on the skill below "Skill" 6.) Do all the strengthen or even all the lessons again 7.) Your word is still not strengthened

In my case in Portuguese the word is "temos" (we have) that is claimed not being strengthened for one year, which is ridiculous for I've covered the the whole tree and everything is golden.

Did I miss something? If yes, please give some advise, if not please fix this bug.

Thank you


I have exactly the same problem. A few words get strengthen but most just stay the same. Going to give up on this.


That button is now missing. Please help!


I have this problem as well. I strengthen skills generally (blue barbell) and I do the specific skill tree again in order to lessen decay. Even when the words show up, It doesn't seem to be counted and it will still decays. Sometimes, "Salz/salt" just doesn't show even though it's my weakest word.


That button is missing now though :(


How do you strengthen words?


I don't understand your question.


I have the same concern. Tonight I was attempting to strengthen words that show 3 gray bars. I started with eleven words and was only able to strengthen four of them. One major help would be to allow strengthening when the lesson only gives a picture choice at the beginning of the lesson Example in the Spanish (such as it does with fotos, cadena, and cadena) If then it never shows up again within the lesson, the word does not strengthen.

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