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"Strengthen Skills" general or "Strengthen Skills" specific?

Which is more effective for getting the entire tree 100% lit up? Going to each skill individually and hitting the "strengthen skill" button or hitting the "strengthen weak skills" button that is for general practice?

Thanks Guys!

3 years ago



Going to each skill will make the tree golden for longer...

3 years ago

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I was doing each skill individually, but my German started falling apart while I was working on Spanish and it was unmanageable to get back. If I do general skills, I will sometimes get two golden at once.

So I think until I get down to a few, I'm going to do the general strengthening. Then I'll just strengthen the remainder individually.

3 years ago


Individual skills are better to get to gold. The general should be better to maintain it, but I don't think the algorithm is very good. Still it is the best we have, and maybe someday they will improve it.

3 years ago