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  5. "Siz tavuğu yersiniz."

"Siz tavuğu yersiniz."

Translation:You eat the chicken.

April 16, 2015



I don't understand this topic. Why have the words suddenly changed to use a soft g? How is Tavuk and tavugu different?


Certain consonants change when you add an ending that puts a vowel after them (like the accusative ending here). K is one of them, and it becomes ğ. (Also, p becomes b, t becomes d, and ç becomes c.)

There's a section about it in the Accusative tips and notes: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Accusative (scroll down to "Consonant Mutations" at the bottom).


Thank you soo much


It's called the Ketchup Rule (KTçP). Words that end with K, T, ç and P change when you add an ending with a vowel as @sainio says


Is ğ silent in all turkish words?


Nope, it sometimes can sound like a "y" or it normally makes the vowel preceding it longer.


In English it is "You eat chicken" not "You eat the chicken"


They mean different things. "You eat chicken" uses chicken as a general direct object. You use it when you're speaking generally -- for instance, if you're saying "you eat chicken" to mean that chicken is a food you eat. But in Turkish, a general direct object doesn't take an accusative ending, so you'd use "you eat chicken" as a translation of "siz tavuk yersiniz."

The Turkish sentence here, "siz tavuğu yersiniz," does have an accusative ending, so that indicates that they're using chicken as a specific noun. In English, that's "you eat the chicken," and it refers to particular chicken (maybe you eat the chicken they serve at that restaurant, or the chicken that's in our refrigerator).


Thank you, now I get it!


Why 'you're eating the chicken' is not accepted?


Because "yersiniz" is the simple present tense, and "you're eating" is the present continuous ("yiyorsunuz," in Turkish).


oh, thanks! i wasn't aware that there's present continuous in Turkish :-)


What is the difference between "sen" and "sez"?


"Siz" is formal or plural you (like "vous" in French). "Sen" is singular, informal you (like "tu").


Sen (informal) changes to plural siz (or formal)

(sez is neither plural of sen nor formal)


Why does it say "you eat the chicken" since "siz" i plural shouldnt it say "you all eat chicken"


'You all' is also correct but it's not always the case. You can use siz as a polite/formal 'you' too.


How should I know that you all eat the chicken is meant and not only you as a formal speech? Has'nt there to be tüm or bütün in the sentence for I can see that?

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