"Táim ag bailiú na bpáistí ón scoil."

Translation:I am collecting the children from the school.

April 16, 2015

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I believe "children" is eclipsed because it is in the genitive (i.e., the collecting of children).


By the way, that's not what we say in the U.S. We would say, "I'm picking up the children from the school" or "I'm picking the children up from the school."


We commonly say that in the UK as well. I was going to put it but thought that, with DL liking more literal translations, it would probably be rejected.


Why is children eclipsed?


Because na eclipses genitive plural nouns.


Is children still eclipsed if you speak Ulster Irish?


Táim didn't sound clear to me there!


Should "gathering" be acceptable here? I was marked wrong on 31-May-2015.


Given the lack of context, “gathering” should be acceptable.


It would probably be a bit too advanced to explore how to ask the question "How many children have you collected from the school?" ;-)

I think that "collected" might use the verbal noun form as well in this case but we would be leaping into the past tense.


The question would be Cé mhéad páiste a bhailigh tú ón scoil? . “Have you collected” is an English past perfect, which is usually translated by an Irish simple past. An English “-ing” form would be needed to keep using the Irish verbal noun, e.g. “How many children have you been collecting from the school?” would be Cé mhéad páiste a raibh tú a bhailiú ón scoil? ; the ag changes to a (which causes lenition of the verbal noun) because the object now precedes the verbal noun.


"Gathering roses for the Master's bouquet ..."


How is tá mé incorrect, is it not interchangable with táim? And... she deffo said "tá mé" no?


She definitely said táim.

tá mé is marked incorrect because that's not what she said. Grammatically, táim and tá mé are equivalent, but you were responding to a "Type what you hear" exercise, and if you didn't hear exactly what she said, you fail that type of exercise.

Duolingo doesn't support alternative answers for "Type what you hear" exercises.

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