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"¿Cuál es tu sombrero?"

Translation:Which one is your hat?

5 years ago



when is it cuales and when is it cual es ?

5 years ago


"Cuáles" is plural, and would be used as in: "¿Cuáles son tus sombreros?". "Cuál" is singular, and is used as in: "¿Cuál es tu sombrero?"

In other words, "cuáles" is only one word: "Which"(plural), and while "cuál es" sounds similar, it is actually two words: "Which"(singular) and "is".

5 years ago


From what I understand both answers are correct. However " which one is your hat" would seem to be grammatically correct in english.

5 years ago


"Which is your hat?" sounds better to me. Perhaps it's a regional thing.

5 years ago