"The girl eats a lemon."

Translation:Pigen spiser en citron.

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I think it's really cool how so many languages relate to English. Citron is lemon because lemons are citrus fruits.

3 years ago


Danish and English (along with many other Western European languages) are Germanic languages, so of course there are lots of similarities. A thousand years ago, English (Old English) and Danish (Old Norse) were mostly mutually intelligible.

Even today, you just have to look at a simple sentence in a few Germanic languages to see the similarity:

  • Danish: Hav en god dag

  • English: Have a good day

  • German: Hab einen guten Tag

  • Dutch: Heb een goede dag

  • Swedish: Ha en bra dag

I just made a quick sound recording.

3 years ago


Well actually in dutch we mostly say 'Heb een goeie dag.'

3 years ago


While the discussion about the relation amongst Germanic languages is valid, the Danish word "citron" is a loanword from the French word "citron". French is a Romance language, making it an Italic language, which is a different branch of the Indo-European family.

3 years ago


No, its Citron cause its Zitrone in german!

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3 years ago


This is sø interesting! I am learning Danish from English even Spanish is my first language!!!

1 year ago


Why did Viktor Bluhme leave that long (super long) message? Even his name is weird!!!

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