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Lost the streak even though there is time left

I just lost my streak even though there is time left until midnight. Due to that I also lost the 7 day wager. Also the Home page displays "< 1 hour left". Why's that? And can somebody from duolingo restore it please?

Thanks and regards

April 16, 2015



Did you reach your target XP?


Yes. But interestingly it shows zero points for yesterday. Is it possible that points get lost when I do it around midnight? Then there is of course the possibility that I completely forgot to train yesterday :-) In that case - apologies.


That shouldn't be the case unless it didn't register due to a connection issue with the server. You can make it a habit to look for the green checkmark on the streak flame icon.


Additionally, if you're in a different time zone then when you set up your account, "midnight" might be earlier than now. I'm not sure if you can change that, though.

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