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No Streak Lingots?!?!

I was hoping to get to 700 lingots with my 230 day streak reward, but I didn't get any. Is this new, or did I glitch? Imgur

April 16, 2015



They do not give you lingots anymore for your streak. : ( If you go into the lingot store and scroll down until you see "ways to earn lingots" the ten day streak thing has vanished.


Thanks. 300 lingots, you guys are great.


That wasn't me...


Well, whoever it was is a great person. It's a shame they aren't here.


Three minutes after post: 7 lingots. Thanks guys, but I'd rather like to know the answer to my question. But I do appreciate your kindness.


I think maybe they are doing a test on part of the membership, which seems unfair since it is a scoring issue. My android tab changed the other day so that instead of 3 lives thing on an exercise i have a fuel guage which goes backwards and forwards. But i still seem to be getting bonus lingots for every 10 days of streak - or i did this morning, 19 apr 2015. I think getting rid of the streak reward is a very bad idea. If they think folks' lingot mountains are getting too big DL should just give people somdthing to spend them on.


Yeah, you are lucky, I recieved the fuel gauge about 6 months ago.


I've had the fuel guage on my web pc version for some time but only judt now when i sign in from the android app. From what you say it is only a matter of time before i lose extra lingots for 10 day streaks. Very bad DL, you clearly haven't/never did think this through


Yeah, I do think Duolingo is decreasing in quality, I am not saying I'm doing it for the lingots, but the lingots are a peice of motivation.


Good to know I am not the only one. I feel like a whiner, but the Lingots are a primary motivation. C'mon Duolingo! Are you now capriciously deciding the rules have changed?


If there are no longer any Lingots for streaks, what's the purpose of even keeping track of streaks? And why would one spend Lingots to keep a streak alive?

I just don't understand the reason for the change. It would seem to decrease motivation, rather than increase it.


this change doesn't make any sense :(


I do have a lot of lingots - earned by a long streak - by I feel a little bit disappointed, too. I'd rather have something in the shop to spend them on. Lingots certainly are some kind of motivation although keeping the streak itself is another on, I must admit. But listen, DL, give us something to buy with our lingots!


I was waiting for 59 lingots on my 590 day streak as well! :'(. This change makes no sense! Whats the purpose of this? It was so motivating to keep the streak and earn the lingots.. :((

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