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  5. "Ben kahveyi içerim."

"Ben kahveyi içerim."

Translation:I drink the coffee.

April 16, 2015



Why does 'kahve' change to 'kahveyi' in this instance?


i drink coffee:kahve içerim i drink the coffee:kahveyi içerim

<pre>Technically the 'kahve' words are direct objects so they were both supposed to </pre>

in accusative case but in Turkish you only use accusative marker to show the definite direct object. In first sentence ''kahve'' was an indefinite object so it doesn't get an accusative case marker.


I'd like to know why kahve changes to kahveyi for accusative, but çorba changes to çorbayı. When does the suffix end with i and when with ı?


that's the most important rule in Turkish, vowel harmony :) It is explained in the tips and notes of this lesson (when you click on the skill, it is under the list of lessons), and also here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9041808


I suppose that "the coffee" is just an example for understanding Turkish, because in fact it should be "some coffee" or "a cup of coffee" as I know :/


THE coffee, THE water, THE sugar. It's impossible even just to read it. Correct, please. Thanks.

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