"De er ikke doktorer endnu."

Translation:They are not doctors yet.

April 17, 2015

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The hover definitions of "endnu" are "yet" and "even". Well I picked the second definition in my translation and said "They are not even doctors." and got marked wrong. Now it doesn't sound wrong to me to say that though. Neither is it wrong to say "They are not doctors yet" but I wonder why one meaning is correct and not the other even though both can make sense depending on the context.


Maybe it depends on the position? The other not even we saw was ikke engang, where the "even" was right next to the "not". But it's just a wild guess.


Endnu translates to even when it's used as a reinforcement to an adjective.

Han er endnu værre. He is even worse.

Hun er endnu smukkere. She is even more beautiful.


Doktorer? Surely it is "læger" ...???


Here they pronounce doktorer with stress on the last syllable, as if it is imperative form of a verb at doktorere.


What is a situation where the danish 'endnu' could be used as the english 'even'?


Hun er endnu hurtigere - She is even faster. In this case it is used before the comparative as a reinforcement.

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