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How to force students to use microphone?

Is there any way to tell if students used the microphone or not? Or better yet, a setting to force them to use it? I caught one who was wearing the headphones, but had the microphone turned off. Thanks for any suggestions!

April 17, 2015



I have been thinking about this for a while and have come up with an idea (I don't know how good it is, but it is an idea). It would be nice in the dashboard or just on their screens to mark a lesson or exercise (is that what the circles are called?) with some type of symbol to indicate that the lesson/exercise was completed with the Microphone (and I would also add the Speaker) turned off. That way a student could turn it off if they wanted, but I as the teacher could then tell them to go back a redo the lesson with those settings turned on.

If the indication was on the tree, that may motivate other people (not just students) to use those two features. I know some people love to have their trees gilded, but that little symbol next to the exercise might just bug them enough to go back and complete the lesson with the microphone and speaker.


You're right, teachers should have control of this, but it will probably be complicated to implement properly. Also, it should be so that each student's function can be switched on or off separately.

Apart from that this should only be applicable to the language that the student is learning from the teacher, not to all languages that he/she is using on Duo.

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