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Suggestion: Subgroups for Discussion

I started Duolingo a few days ago and I am loving it. However, as many people pointed out, I think it needs a FAQ, maybe a tutorial, and most importantly better search tools for Discussion. It would be useful, for example, to see the Discussions opened by the "Experts". In addition and I think more importantly, the Duolingo Discussion needs more subgrouping to make it easier for people looking for information find what they need. When I search for something, an uncountable number of discussions come out of the search, and most of the time a lot of them do not contain what I am looking for. Some topics could be "How to use DuoLingo", "from the Experts" or "DuoLingo Announcements", "Immersion: When and how to go about it", "Tactics for using Duolingo" (this may contain info such as - try translating here and there, - go back to your words every so often, - do or do not learn X many languages at the same time, etc.. ), "Give feedback to the amazing Duolingo team", etc. I think it would be very helpful if we could classify with some specificity these entries. Because people can't find the information they look for easily, a lot of discussion entries are basically the same suggestions and questions asked over and over. As one cannot be expected to read all the entries, one way to avoid this is making the Discussion a better structured feature, with advanced search and tabs/topics/subgroups, I think.

September 13, 2013



I think they said they are working on a new format for the Discussion, not long ago. Obviously it would be hard to find this statement now because of the exact same reason... But it means that the Duo Team is definitely aware the "Forums" need improvement and it will happen some day.


No so hard, search "new AND discussion AND forum": http://www.duolingo.com/comment/489184


I waited for this reply, because it was tempting... :D But I was too lazy to search.


Maybe you already know it but with the use of " AND " between words (or guillemet ""), you'll reduce the number of results (not so hard to reduce it to 10-20 discussions).

But, yes, obviously Duolingo needs to add some tabs for different types of discussion.

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