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Being forced to refresh the same sessions every day

Hello, I don't know if I'm the only one with the same problem but in the Dutch course, I've had to refresh the Places and Jobs lessons every day for about a week, I know the answers by heart now!

Is there a bug in the system or something? it's incredible that I have to refresh over and over every single day, it is halting my progress because I like having my tree as golden as possible.


April 17, 2015



I have had the same problem with Spanish. It even appears differently between different devices. I'm the same way - I have the answers memorized, especially after doing some of the exercises 3 times!


I am having the same problem in French. No matter how many times I do it, it never turns gold. But I am just having this problem on one lesson.


So am I . Poss. 2 just will not go gold even though I get it correct everytime


yep, poss 2 stays at full minus one for me as well.. 'c'est le sien' every day for the past week :)


Yes I am tired of knowing that the pig is theirs! I guess we just ignore it and move on


Moi aussi. It is not the only one. There are some that will not go gold no matter what. I at first thought this was a bug in the latest iOS app but it is true on Windows desktop browser also.

Something is definitely broken, Duolingo team. I did four refreshes of Poss 2 in a row and it did not lift from 3 out of 4 bars. Given there are only two lessons in this group this is not possible by your algorithm for spaced repetition.

It is getting to the point where I hesitate to refresh anything non-gold because I no longer can trust that refreshing means anything. Please stop telling us it's in our heads, this is trivially reproducible.


I have the same problem with Possesion 2 in French. The pig is definitely theirs! Would be nice for it to be sorted. Otherwise I love the course!


I've given up now. I have e-mailed Duolingo but no reply. Such a shame.


Same problem in Possessives 2 in French. Also brought it up in the French for English forum, no sign of it being fixed yet.


I tried Possessives 2 in French yesterday and it went gold. Maybe they listened. So far I am not having problems with any others.


I honestly doubt there is a bug in the system. Have you seen the best way to keep a tree gold?


I saw that before and used it but so far nothing about the two specific skills I'm talking about, I am not even using hints now because I know ALL the words due to repetition after repetition (there are 3 sets of strenghtening exercises AT MOST in each skill, so if you have to do them over and over again, you learn them by heart)


Same here. I'm fed up with simple stuff and need to move on, but HOW???


moi aussi. just refreshed infinitive 2 and it tells me i must do it again. please advise. thanks


I've given up. Duolingo do not reply to the problem. Au revoir!!


Just tried my French Possesion 2 but still the same problem. Really annoying!


For me it finally went gold when I redid the first (or second?) lesson of Possess. 2 instead of doing the 'strengthen' option


Many thanks hetter28 - I redid lessons 1 and 2 (rather than 'Strengthen') and hey presto . . . gold! :-)

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