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"The students learn many different formulas in chemistry."

Translation:De studerende lærer mange forskellige formler i kemi.

April 17, 2015



why is "de" here? why not just studerende?

[deactivated user]

    Studerende lærer mange forskellige formler i kemi. = Students learn many...

    De studerende lærer mange forskellige formler i kemi. = The students learn many...


    is students just irregular then? you can't append the definite article and make it studerendene?

    [deactivated user]

      It works that way because studerende really is the present participle of the verb studere used as an adjective, which in turn is being used as a noun.

      en studerende, den studerende

      flere studerende, de studerende


      ohhh. makes sense, thanks. So it's like "The studying", as we would say "The living" in English.


      How does one know when to use forskellige and when to use anderledes? Is there a guideline for that?


      forskellig means various. I have many different shirts in my closet. anderlede means distinct, unlike. Shirts and socks are different.


      Why can you not use anderledes?

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