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  5. "The sheep and the lamb"

"The sheep and the lamb"

Translation:Koyun ve kuzu

April 17, 2015



Is it not supposed to be koyunu ve kuzuyu if it's THE sheep and THE lamb?


I had the same problem


No, the accusative marker is for specific direct objects. They would need to be receiving the action of a verb to become accusative.

Turkish doesn't use a definite article in the nominative. So "sheep and lamb," "the sheep and the lamb" or "a sheep and a lamb" can all be translated to Turkish as "koyun ve kuzu."


Thats both fascinating and also wow you just helped me learn what the nominative case is thank you so much.


I have the same question and I'm little confused.


Subjects are never in the accusative case. Never ever ever ever. The accusative case is only for specific direct objects and for some times expressions (and in a few rarer cases that aren't as important)


Thank you so much.


Me too this problem kindly help me


Shouldn't koyunlar ve kuzu be correct as well? Sheep is singular and plural.


yes it should be accepted


what is the difference?


Koyun = Sheep

Koç = Ram

The offspring is Kuzu = Lamb. A baby sheep or ram.


I actually remember kuzu from kuzu şiş kebap. This one is not too hard!!


What's the difference between (kuzu) and (kuzuyu)? İs the second one accusative and the other not?


Kuzu - lamb Kuzuyu - the lamb If the lamb is a subject of the sentence, then you don't add the suffix. You only add ıt ın case of having the lamb as an object ın the sentence.

The lamb ıs my favourıte anımal wıll use Kuzu I lıke the lamb wıll use Kuzuyu


I still do not understand. If I had a lamb as an object here in the sentence - i would use kuzuyu, yes? but why do i have 'koyunu' there? why is it, that two nouns, are different if it is not really the sentence as it does not have any verb? English is not my first language as well maybe thats why i do not understand your answers very well. Can somebody help me?


Where do you see koyunu? :O


Afedersin... Where can I find gramma lessons? They were so easy to find in the old Duolingo version.


I dont understand anyone help me plesse

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