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How to make a huge improvement in speaking and listening comprehension with new languages

For most of you, these are probably not new or amazing ideas, but I really wanted to make a post about how to improve listening abilities with any language (this post being centered around Danish, however).

It is quite common with beginner Danish learners to be really good at reading and writing in Danish, but not feel at all confident when it comes to speaking and listening. It can be very hard to grasp the confusing and seemingly random pronunciations, but luckily there are ways to make huge improvements on both speaking and listening skills. Here are the simple things that I have done during my endeavors in learning Danish.

1) Find a website/video that explains the Danish alphabet. There are tons of resources that can walk you through the alphabet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqxxWqazOHI this is my favorite video for learning the Danish alphabet. It is made for little kids but it really helped me :P

2) Listen to music that is sung in Danish. It truly helps! I highly recommend Rasmus Seebach and Barbara Moleko. (If you listen closely, you can catch Rasmus saying København in almost all of his songs haha)

3) Watch interviews or news shows/television programs/sports matches from Denmark. The more experience you have with listening to natives talk as they normally would, the better.

4) If possible, practice talking to an actual native. I have been lucky enough to gain 5 Danish friends, through school and online, and they make the world of difference in helping my skills (as well as teaching me all the teen slang I will need when I get to Copenhagen)

I hope this was at all helpful, if anyone has any questions or would like resource ideas I am happy to help. Thanks :) ~Jules

April 17, 2015



Just a little more information on point 3: DR (Denmarks public radio and TV broadcaster) has TV shows that you can watch in any country and you can also listen to the radio online anywhere in the world, too.

Also on point 4, there is a group on a service called "Slack" where people practice learning Danish. You can get started on it pretty quickly here: https://danishduolingo-invite.herokuapp.com. There are many very helpful Danes and you can talk to them and other Danish learners (in Danish or English).


Thank you very much for adding these resources :) very helpful


Also, try and say some things in what ever language you're learning around your house it helps :)

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