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"Forfatteren svarede aldrig drengens brev."

Translation:The author never answered the boy's letter.

April 17, 2015



kæreste Slim, jeg skrev til dig men du stadig ringede ikke


"to the boy's letter" not accepted?


In English you might "respond" or "reply" to the boy's letter, but you wouldn't "answer" to the boy's letter. "The author never responded to the boy's letter." But, I see when I put To Respond, To Reply and To Answer into Google Translate, I get At Svare for all three in Danish.


Det er beskidt arbejde


I don't remember coming across 'aldrig' before. I presume ikke (not) gives a different sense (didn't answer vs never answered).


Is there a difference between the pronunciation of "svar" and "svarede"? I'm not hearing it in the audio.


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What in the worldiiiii

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