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Immersion files - is there a size limit?

Hello I tried to upload a file for immersion translation, which I thought would be really interesting to translate. However when I try to upload it, the screen just hangs on 'submitting'. I am wondering if the page is too large.

Does anyone know if there is a limit?


April 17, 2015



Yes, there is a size limit, though I can't tell you exactly what it is. Usually you'll get through to the preview phase, and then be told that the document is too big, but I got left hanging on 'submitting' just as you the other day too - as did a third person.

It could be a new bug, slow servers, that those documents were even bigger than what the system usually calls too big, or that it has to do with the formatting or image files contained within those documents.


Thank you for your comment. I think you have given the answer. My document was really rather large, though very interesting - it is a bit of a shame.

Cheers :)


The limit used to be far less than what is currently allowed, and is probably based on number of characters rather than sentences.

I've uploaded quite a lot of documents, and the largest one contains around 746 fragments (or blocks of texts). So the limit, is/was something above that.

Generally speaking , if it hangs on submitting, either there is a server problem, or another issue such as foul language in the text.

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