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Quick Translation Question

Dia daoibh ar maidin,

So, quick question. I have two phrases I need to translate and I think I have them down, but I am just trying to verify.

If you are wishing for something, what is the proper preposition to use. I cannot for the life of me figure this out.

Second, if you are saying "Teach me to use it", is "Múin dom a úsáid é", the correct translation/interpretation?

April 17, 2015



First, “wish for” is an English phrasal verb; see here for some Irish equivalents. (Even when not part of a phrasal verb, the preposition “for” has many uses in English. Those uses are split between several Irish prepositions, and a summary of them can be found here.)

Second, your translation is nearly correct. It’s Múin dom é a úsáid, since a direct object of an infinitive-type verbal noun comes before the verbal noun.


Ah perfect. I apparently am using focloir.ie wrong because I have never seen this part of the site. Haha

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