April 17, 2015

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similar to Farsi "juft"


They just got a Ukrainian Duolingo up, so obviously we are not limited to the Latin alphabet. I would absolutely love a Farsi Duolingo. Except for the typing, I expect it would be a lot less difficulty for an English-speaker than Turkish.


hello JamesT.Wilson i have a question, the Hebrew version in beta it's difficult ???


Well, Mr Jessy, for an English speaker, it is certainly not easy, but it is not any harder than the Turkish. If you know Arabic, I imagine it would be a breeze. Actually, it has a lot fewer beta problems than some of the other languages have had, and like the people on the Turkish discussion board, those on the Hebrew board are very helpful.


Are you from iran??


Is çiftçi "farmer" related to this? Perhaps "someone who uses a pair of oxen"?


(Çiftlik ) means farm so farmer çiftçi . But çift means pair oppesite of (tek) it is not related to farmer


Well, my dictionary translates çift also as a team of oxen, which you would use for ploughing. So it may well be.


Does this have romantic connotations?


Why does duolingo reject "double" as a translation for "çift?" For example, IKEA and other furniture sellers promote double beds as "çift kişilik yatak."


it is just a missing translation :)


a pair, or twin beds, are 2 singles


No, confusing as it seems, "twin bed" is simply a size of bed, like double and queen. Actually, I see now that many online dictionaries to have the meaning you are talking about here, so that may be the typical usage in the UK or Australia. The use of the term in North America is generally what I see here: https://www.homedit.com/difference-between-the-varied-bed-sizes-king-queen-twin-single-full/


Tsifliki τσιφλίκι means large farm and the owner is tsiflikas, τσιφλικάς, a notorious word before land distribution to landless farmers in the beginning of the 20th c. in Greece. So, all are connected together now in puzzle :) çift, pair of oxen, çiftçi, çiftlik. Thanks!


So a pair of farmers would be?..... Cift çiftçi

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