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  5. "Men are children."

"Men are children."

Translation:Erkekler çocuktur.

April 17, 2015



In another discussion I read that it might be better not to use the -dIr suffix unless I am completely sure about how to use it, because it is not necessary anyway. So, why is Adammlar çocuk wrong?


Hello there,such a nice and right into heart question! -Dır is a must to use if you talk about a general statement about a fact.For that reason you shouldn't omit -dır.Examine the following examples:

Güneş sıcaktır.(the sun is hot)(fact) Dikkat et!Hava soğuk.(Be careful!It's cold) In the second sentence we do not need to put -dır,because it is not a scientific truth,it is just an opinion,it would be proved wrong.The weather is cold,accordiong to the speaker's feelings,perception etc. Hope this helps!Best regards!


But isn't saying "men are children" also just an opinion, and not an actual fact?


What is the difference between çocuklar and çocuktur? Both were accepted.


Found it in the tips and notes. Çocuklar can be used because the men are human. Çocuktur is used to state a fact. One would think that "men are children" is more opinion than fact, but maybe the person who spoke this sentence considers it a fact :-o

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