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How to recognize long words?

It's werid that Germans like to stack words to form a new long word. If you put a dozen of words together, then the outcome would be incredibly long. How do they recognize these easily?

September 13, 2013



are you talking about different variations of one word like leemos lees leen lee?


Nope, it's a german specific question, some words composed in fact of the juxtaposition of several words. For example :

  • Mutterkuchen = placenta : Mutter = Mother + kuchen = Cake :)

With :

  • die Flasche : the bottle
  • das Wasser : the water
  • das Mineral : the mineral

You can form:

  • the water bottle : die Wasserflasche
  • the mineral water : das Mineralwasser
  • the bottle of mineral water : die Mineralwasserflasche


If a word contains dozens of letters, how can you read the letter sequence quickly. Why don't they use separators, such as space or dash?


Germans (and people speaking German) are able to do it, so it's not impossible.

Once you know well some words your brain recognize them directly. It identifies directly the group of letters as a word.
When you're reading english, you don't decipher letter by letter any more, you directly recognize the group of letters as that or this word. So, with some practice, when reading Wasserflasche, your brain will recognize Wasser and Flasche by itself, because so used to see each words. And ultimately, Wasserflasche will become one word in itself...

By the way, you have the same in english: when you read spacecraft, you're not seeing it as space+craft... and why not using a separator?

Why is it like this... well, why is there almost no conjugation in english? Why the question are formed with to do in english? why etc...
The languages are as they are.

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