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"Yo habría dirigido la cocina."

Translation:I would have managed the kitchen.

September 13, 2013



Last sentence... And I have finished my Spanish treeeeee. What a great experience has it been! Cheers to everyone else whom has made it this far! Duolingo es el mejor!


Great. I finished the tree at level 14 as well. I continue to do daily review using the blue practice button. From there DL will randomly give you things based on needs. I find the randomness very helpful. Makes me think more versus staying in one skill set.


Thanks Eric.......and congratulations to you......i suggest u redo it ....you will get a even better understanding of spanish b4 you move on the a higer level


Sí, Duolingo es el mejor.


No one would ever say "I had have directed the kitchen". Adding "have" is unnatural


You're correct. It's almost nonsensical. I really think they've gone off the rails on this one.


I used "managed", which makes sense. "Have managed" also makes sense.


jeez, i opted for the alternative translation "headed" just for the sake of variety


"I would have ruled the kitchen!!" was not accepted either, to my disappointment.


"I would have dominated the place like a tyrant from hell" didn't work, either. And it's the same thing!


You mean like Gordon Ramsey?


LOL. At this point I generally try to avoid the "creative" solutions, and just give the answer I think DL wants. But kudos to you for taking a hit for the rest of us!


"run" worked for me.


enserio......para mi no


Somehow I felt like I could direct the cooking more easily than directing the kitchen - I don't understand why the cooking isn't correct. as well ...


A head chef directs the kitchen -- there is more to the running (directing) of a kitchen than the mere "cooking." Buying food, storing it, directing staff, developing menus, etc.


I wish all of the complex lessons were broken up into easier bits like this for difficult concepts.


Could it be " i would have managed the cooking" ?


Yes, MRPRichardson. Cooking is another equally valid translation of la cocina. And this sort of thing is the one really pet peeve I have about this site: they often only accept one translation, where the dictionary gives several. They score the answers as if translation was a strictly one to one process, rather than it being essentially a many to many process.


I don't think that "cooking" is a good choice. Look at the context of "cooking" in this:


libro de cocina cookbook cocina casera home cooking cocina mexicana Mexican cooking aceite de cocina Cooking oil


'I would have taken charge of the cooking'


Could this have also been "yo habria dirigido a la cocina"?


I don't think so, because I don't see a need for the "a" to be in there.


Well I thought the direct object usually had "a" in front of it. Like I like "Le gusta a ella" He likes her. So II thought, since the direct object was kitchen, you might do the same thing. Is that wrong?


You're thinking about the personal "a", which does not apply to all direct objects, it applies only only when the direct object is an animated object (most commonly a person/pet). "kitchen" is not a person/pet, so it does not need the personal "a".

http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/persa.htm http://spanish.about.com/cs/grammar/a/personal_a.htm

(Though I suppose if you really wanted to you could say that you were referring to the people working in the kitchen and not the kitchen itself, but Duo doesn't seem to want that in this sentence.)


Think it in english: I would have managed the kitchen = Yo habría dirigido la cocina I would had managed the kitchen = Yo hubiera dirigido la cocina


I would had managed the kitchen is not English, I'm afraid. It isn't something we say and it doesn't mean anything.


I am sure that some junior chef would have used this excuse to Gordon Ramsey at some point


The "dirijido" sure did not sound like that....


Okay, I have a little question about english translation... Would it be ok to say; "I would have RAN the kitchen"?? ... Duo corrected me by saying " I would have RUN the kitchen"...

I'm not sure I understand the difference between the Run and Ran and why run is correct and ran is not!?


The past participle of "run" is "run". So it's actually "would have run", but it's a common mistake to say "have ran". http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/irregular-verbs/run.html


common, but still illiterate!

<h1>Orange is the New Black</h1>


the hints give cooking, but it is rejected. It makes more sense to manage the cooking rather than the kitchen.


Yes I tried it, but still being rejected, I will try complaining.


no se podria decir "yo hubiera dirigido la cocina"?? escuche a mucha gente hablando utilizando esa forma verbal cuando hay solo un verbo


seem to be an extra adverb here


I had have directed the kitchen doesn't make any sense. Incorrect English.


Doesn't like cooking for cocina. Wants kitchen. But go on Spanishdict.com and see that definition three from all three dictionary sources lists cooking as one translation. This is what I mean about why I became frustrated and drifted off this site a couple of years ago. That and I got beyond this for the most part.


Yes! Finally! My last sentence!


?qué quiere decir esto?


Dirigido, logrado, manejado...yee gads! Do they really all mean "managed." What are the different uses?


Why "I would have controled the kitchen" is incorrect?

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