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100% Irish

I love Irish because I am 100% Irish i started learning it about 3 weeks ago and it's fun how much should i do of Irish a day

April 17, 2015



I have had to go much more slowly in Irish than the other DL languages, mostly because it has been much harder for me to grasp proper pronunciation. I became suddenly overwhelmed about 6 weeks into the Irish course. Now, when I am doing Irish lessons, I use external resources to make sure I have a good idea of the pronunciation for each sentence as I see it, e.g. http://www.abair.tcd.ie/?lang=eng or http://www.forvo.com/ and there are others listed in the discussion forums here.

I also made my own notes that I review for things like the prepositional pronouns.

Given all that, I don't do more than 2 or 3 lessons in a day because of the time it takes me. Final thought: don't hesitate to do lessons over as many times as you need even if DL makes them gold.


I am amazed by Ireland and Irish language and I love it .. Can't wait to go there next month and try to speak it with native speakers (ill try)


I agree with @davidcwallis, I'd go slower with Irish than with other languages. I've finished my tree, but when I started out, I'd do 4+ lessons a day (my goal was set at 30 exp, as it is now). It proved to be just fine in the beginning, but once I got to the prepositions and especially the gentive case, I had to slow down.

I kept my goal the same, but I'd do one or maybe two new lessons and get the rest of the EXP by repeating old ones or doing Strengthen Skills. Now that I finished the tree, I just hit Strengthen Skills every day and watch/listen to external resources.

Ádh mór!


I am also Irish my goal is 30 points per day but I average 50 per day. I also use Duolingo on Memrise and Buntús Cainte. The more I practice the better I become. Prepositions, genitive case and copula can be head wreckers. But keep going.


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hahaha relatable. hate these spam accounts when were over here trying to actully learn ughhhhh smh


Great! I'm also partly Irish. I am going to try to learn Irish after I'm done the Spanish course.


Hi there I think it's so cool you have Irish ancestry! Studying here on duolingo is great and I would recommend that you study Irish every day at a pace that you are comfortable with. Learning should be a very enjoyable experience. Maybe focus on one concept a day! Good luck! (:


thanks all try 30xp a day


Do however much Irish a day you’d be comfortable with.

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