"Nós comemos a refeição."

Translation:We eat the meal.

September 13, 2013

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the correct translation of ´´nós comemos a refeição´´ according to the exercise is ´´we eat the meal´´ and ´´we eat the food´´. Earlier in this chapter ´´food´´ was explained as ´´comida´´. Why is ´´nos comemos a refeição´´ equal to ´´we eat the food´´ and ´´ we eat the dish´´ ?


I do not know... food = comida, alimento. Meal = refeição.


Why is it a refeição and not o refeicao?


There is not a rule about this, but most of the words ended in ção are feminine.


Thanks, that was confusing to me.


This might be super irrelevant, but why does "R" have to always sound more like an "H" (yes it's a subtle(for some, especially in the beginning) differences with a blend, but the question still stands)?

For example: If I'd be writing "refeição" as it sounds just using plain letters I'd write: heffisao


why does "R" have to always sound more like an "H"?

Because this is the rule when the letter R is used in the beginning of a word.

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