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  5. "Nós comemos a refeição."

"Nós comemos a refeição."

Translation:We eat the meal.

September 13, 2013



the correct translation of ´´nós comemos a refeição´´ according to the exercise is ´´we eat the meal´´ and ´´we eat the food´´. Earlier in this chapter ´´food´´ was explained as ´´comida´´. Why is ´´nos comemos a refeição´´ equal to ´´we eat the food´´ and ´´ we eat the dish´´ ?


I do not know... food = comida, alimento. Meal = refeição.


This might be super irrelevant, but why does "R" have to always sound more like an "H" (yes it's a subtle(for some, especially in the beginning) differences with a blend, but the question still stands)?

For example: If I'd be writing "refeição" as it sounds just using plain letters I'd write: heffisao


why does "R" have to always sound more like an "H"?

Because this is the rule when the letter R is used in the beginning of a word.

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