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  5. "Sen bir elbise giyersin."

"Sen bir elbise giyersin."

Translation:You wear a dress.

April 17, 2015



What is more common in Turkish when it comes to describe what someone is wearing: the Present Simple (bir elbise giyersin) or the Present Continuous (bir elbise giyiyorsun) ? Txs


Hello there, It depends on the context: Elbise giyersin is used generally when you state a fact,determine or define something.For example,writing a guideline requires this form: -To go outside bir elbise giyersin. However if you want to state to a present situation you might use bir elbise giyiyorsun. Hope this helps!Cheers!


Txs for the reply. So in this particular example "Sen bir elbise giyersin." would be used when, for example, describing what you usually wear to work. (You wear a dress to work). On the other hand, "Sen bir elbise giyersin." could be, for instance, the respond to a question like -"Guess what I'm wearing" -"You are wearing a dress." . Correct?


(Aferin!)Well done!That's exactly the way it is! And as a rewad here is an excerpt from a song by a famous Turkish singer Ibrahim Tatlıses:

Etek sarı,sen etekten sarısın...sarısın...sarısın.... (The dress is yellow,and you are more yellow...more yellow...more yellow) Be careful! sarı-sın means:your color is yellow/you are yellow) sarışın means:blonde! :) fun fact! :)


Vay be, Türkçe'yi gerçekten iyi biliyorsunuz. Bir Türk olarak, hayran kalmamak elde değil.

Woaw, you do really know Turkish well. As a Turk, It's not possible not to admire.


he is Turkish, as you can see on his profile, so no surprise :) You should admire Alexinturkey's Turkish though :D


gidip bir binadan atlamayı planlıyorum. teşekkürler.


Ulan okudum harbi güldüm eyvallah alper kardeş


Etek Sarı - the skirt is yellow. Elbise =dress =)


In Arabic Elbise is the plural of Clothe Yani Elbise=Clothes


Yepp! Apparently "elbise" originally had two meanings in Turkish. One was "Clothing/apparel" and the other was "dress/gown." Both came from the Arabic ألبسة.

It seems that the meaning of "clothing/apparel" was supplanted by the word "giysi" during the Ataturk era, but that the meaning "dress/gown" stuck. See here.

However, a native Turkish speaker should feel free to comment here as to whether "elbise" is still used to refer to clothing generally.


and can you state which is used when giymek vs. takmak?


"giymek" is used for articles of clothing (like a shirt, pants, or a dress). "takmak" is used for accessories (like hats, glasses, or jewelry).


Why is there no accusative suffix here? While in a previous example they added it with the verb giyer


What is the difference between "elbise" and "giysi"?

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